Sailing off with Papa

I have always wondered about anything, and everything. Growing up I asked question after question. I became fascinated by “sailing to the moon” with my Papa when I was probably just old enough to speak. Anytime Papa went somewhere I’d ask “Where are you going?” his reply was always “To the moon.” Somehow during the simplicity of a toddler question he began to toy with my imagination and we were going to sail to the moon on his pontoon boat.

I felt the strong urge to begin writing just this past week when I lost my guardian angel, Mema. I always doodled in a notebook, whether it was drawings or simple little poems. She wanted me to accomplish many things in life, and one was to become a journalist and follow my love of words. I say words in the plural text because if you think about it, letters in a certain order are words. But words, what are they without any meaning? What do they mean without combining them in the right context? Nothing, and I’ll write this again – n o t h i n g. But to Mema my words no matter how simple were always something. I laugh sitting here because she always had an explanation for everything. O how she is missed. Like I said, words are a passion of mine. Thoughts become actions and actions become your story. My story will be written in words.


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