I’m acutally not an ass.

Based on the title of this post you’re probably thinking how I am going to defend my “lady like” standards, right? Wrong. I will explain how politics have evolved my understanding of todays society, how I believe in “One nation, under God”, and how I am not a democrat. With the election running wild, Hillary Clinton’s version of the truth, and debates every week I figured that politics would be a good discussion. Now automatically because I am young, one would assume that I know absolutely nothing about history or what it means to be an American. However, when you ASSUME – you make an ASS out of U and ME. See what I did there? Let’s begin.

We have had eighteen Republican presidents enter into office. Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, and Theodore Roosevelt have all upheld the conservative rights of each American. Those are just a few of the many men that have served as our president. All legal Americans have the right to live a free, equal, and just life. I am a Republican because I believe in a free market economy and Reagan-era principles. I will hold strong to the idea that it is a government’s job to provide protection for its citizens and that it requires a highly equipped and well-trained military to do so. I feel strongly that there are social programs enacted by the U.S. government that work but many more that do not. This expense falls back on the American taxpayer, while illegal immigrants aimlessly roam free of charge. While I believe in a woman’s right to choose, I also believe that life begins at conception and refuse to let a woman make the decision to kill a child because she is too irresponsible. However, there are instances when she should have the choice. These are the values that make me a Republican, and these are the unwavering beliefs that my party once held dear. Today, the political discourse of the GOP has taken a strange turn towards communism, the belief that everything is a gift and should be a hand out. My belief is that the country has guaranteed anyone and everyone “free” freedom. Take “marriage equality,” the new buzz term that both Democrats and Republicans alike seem to be using because it sounds less offensive than “gay rights.” My belief is that marriage is between a man and a woman and that the government has no place to force same-sex marriage.  We shouldn’t change our constitutional rights because the world knows no better.

I understand that times have changed and it’s a new era, but if we don’t get our government back the world will come to a crumble, hell in a hand basket. I believe we need someone who is a strong Republican this term, who favors the simple and constructive ways of being conservative. Race does not matter, gender does not matter. I’ll vote for you based on how you view this economy and what you plan to do for a better way of living. I will not vote for all the lies, scandals, and social media. Donald Trump is not on my quota, he is trying to be a celebrity. Sure he is brutally honest, and cannot be bought but do we encourage him to slander other candidates? No. Ben Carson doesn’t have the political background to support his spot in the race, however he must be intelligent if he can withstand a brain surgery on conjoined twins. He has a plan and I’d like to hear his strategies. Marco Rubio is smart, witty, and young. I think we need someone who understands the meaning of history yet realizes that the United States is progressing.  We are growing each day in both technology and today’s standards. Some things should never change, like the right to bear arms, marriage, and illegal immigrants. Carly Fiorina is a courageous business woman. She has discussed issues from immigration to education, and abortion to foreign policy. She has been said to be a whirl wind of a woman, and I support her. I will not discriminate when it comes to the presidential race. You could be as bright purple as barney, and as long as you have the same values and stand for the Republicans of the United States, you are definitely an option for me.

So I am not an ass, I would prefer to be called an Elephant.

Comment and let me know who you think would be the best presidential candidate!

Until next time!

-Audrey A.


3 thoughts on “I’m acutally not an ass.

  1. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts! You have a passion for words and way with words like none other. You are a very intelligent young woman and am proud of the person you are today. I hope you never let anything or anyone stand in the way of your success. You are an aspiring artist that has truly found her talent. I only hope one day you will stand up and follow your dream and passion. You make me proud in many ways. I look forward to hearing what you have to write next. Keep writing baby girl! Keep the world full of your knowledge.


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