So you think she loves you because you’re funny?

You have a magnetic pull towards her, its a science and you both have it mastered. You say you “love her” and this is what justifies the vows that were once said to one another so long ago? Try again. She loves every inch of your body for who are inside, that fire that burns deep within. Love never dies a simple death. Nothing about love is simple. Love dies between two people because of dishonesty, weariness, errors, and envy. You know the bible verse “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.” This is that fire that I call love.

Love is the most vulnerable feeling that one could have, you completely open yourself up to another human. You share every raw emotion and heartfelt word. She loves you because when you speak of her name, there is a sea of emotion floating around. An honesty that is strong in your voice, and pounding in your heart. The smile exchanged from across the room, and the way you notice her most ugly scars, yet choose to kiss them instead of run. Trembling in the midnight air, together you are one. In this moment, through time and space no other woman could love you as strong and hard as she does. One morning you wake up with the crisp air fresh, you look over and whisper how beautiful she is to you, you love her with that same fire that dwells between you both.

In an instance you see that she loves you for exactly who you are and what you plan to be. The touch of your hand upon her cheek will burn forever, it was always meant to be you and her. There will never be another love as fortunate as what you have together, because of the fire that lives so fiercely inside you both.

Until next time, I felt all gooshy today!

-Audrey A.


6 thoughts on “Fire

  1. Mema told Brian when he asked to marry me, to keep the fire burning! I always knew you had her gift and talent for words! I’m so proud of you! Love you MORE. Mom


  2. 1 Corinthians 13:4 is where that scripture is in the Bible that you referred to. Biblical love and worldly love are two completely different things. Our love is most often based on feelings. Feelings that someone creates themselves based on the “idea” of a person or relationship OR feelings based on how someone makes another person “feel”. These feelings are ever changing. God shows us in His word how to truly love unconditionally and it is NOT based on feelings. To truly love someone that God put in your path to be your forever spouse means putting their needs and wants before yours – ALWAYS! God first, others second, and you last – this is happiness. THIS is love. A love that no pain, weariness, errors, envy or even betrayal can be “fallen out of”. Ephesians 5:25 is a good one too. Love should NOT HURT you, BETRAY you, HOLD YOU BACK but rather lift you up at all times to be the best person God intended you to be. This is not to say that someone can’t go through a number of trials and with another person and not turn things around – just takes major effort and self-critique. And let’s face it, who really does that?


    1. Plenty have done that, I have heard, been apart of and witnessed plenty of couples that with stand all the evil that the devil himself could throw. Love is love, in the purest form. And if you truly love someone then yes there is a such thing as unconditional love. Worldly love and Godly love, however you view it, and that is your opinion and your opinion alone, is the best gift God ever granted us with. Because without HIS love for us, where would we be? Look to my “Happiness” post. Because happiness is often based on how we feel, but love? You can’t fake love.

      Who ever you are, thank you for your response! I appreciate you reading and giving me your opinion!


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